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The Need to Talk About Race

and How to Do It

Whitnessing Whiteness workshops

Book Workshop Series Facilitated by
Dr. Marguerite Wilson
and Larry Parham

Witnessing Whiteness is a 12-week, sequential series designed for a multiracial group to build toward anti-racism work. We connect the book with dialogue and experiential activities, by exploring how the political connects to the personal.


More information on the book and series is available at

Witnessing Whiteness is on temporary hiatus for Fall 2021 while Marguerite is on family leave. We will resume the series in Spring 2022! Join our mailing list to stay informed about future workshops.

White Background
White Background

Goals of the series:


Build a community with a shared understanding of privilege, whiteness, and racism


Increase your ability to begin, support, and progress racial justice work----no matter where you're starting from


Process and move beyond guilt, fear, anger, and other emotions that can get in the way of anti-racism work


Develop leadership capacity around issues of oppression and privilege

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