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Mourning the loss of our beloved Larry

Welcome! We're so happy you found us.

Embrace Seminars is on temporary semi-hiatus while we mourn the loss of our co-founder and co-facilitator, Lawrence "Larry" Parham. We are accepting a limited number of consulting partnerships at this time, and Witnessing Whiteness is on hold until Spring/Summer 2023. Thank you very much for your understanding. In the meantime, don't hesitate to reach out to discuss your organization's anti-racism education needs with us.


Anti-racism resources, trainings, and consulting

Embrace Seminars helps to bring anti-racism discourse and education to your schools, programs, organizations and communities. 

Dancing Hands

Welcome to our Gracious Space

Have you ever been to an anti-racism training and left feeling confused, stuck, and unsure of what to do next?

You're not alone.

EmbRace Seminars is different. We're not your typical anti-racism training company. 

We believe that building capacity toward anti-racism work is not one-size fits all. It involves sustained work over time.

We believe that each person and each organization have potential to develop as leaders in anti-racism work if provided the appropriate support, tools, skills, and knowledge. 

We believe that transforming our individual perspectives on race is necessary but not sufficient. We also need systemic transformation and accountability for anti-racism work to be effective.

EmbRace Seminars can help you and your organization create the anti-racism plan you need.

Upcoming events




The Young Women's

Christian Association

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The Village of Endicott



Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments, INC.

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RHN of Central NY

The Rural Health Network of Central New York



The Southern Tier AIDS Program


Fleishman Center

The Fleishman Center at Binghamton University


"Thank you for your parts in my journey of increasing sensitivity to, and thoughtful activism against, structural power dynamics that undercut the human potential within and around me. Thank you for your part in my ongoing journey. The work you are doing is truly transformational."

Witnessing Whiteness participant, 2018

"We can't thank you two enough for the eye opening training you provided the team! What I loved about the training is how you challenged us to examine our thinking on this topic, and to really take a look at our blind spots. Thank you for allowing us the gracious space to have these difficult conversations, which allowed us to be vulnerable in a safe environment. Your work is so important and we are blessed there are individuals like yourselves who are so knowledgeable and are willing to share your insights and provide us with guidance, so we can make necessary changes to be more inclusive!"

Anti-racism training client, 2020

"I like how Larry and Marguerite pushed us out of our comfort zone or easy answers but still provided us with a gracious space to make mistakes and learn better."

Witnessing Whiteness participant, 2021

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